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Journal of Cognitive Science
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[Volume 2, Issue 2] (2001) pp. 195-209
The Effects of Causal Connections on Memory of Discourse
Soyoung Suh Kim (Language Education Institute, Seoul National University)
[Volume 2, Issue 2] (2001) pp. 211-230
Korean "Standard Sign Language" Is Not a Sign Language
Jong Sup Jun (Program in Linguistics & Cognitive Science, Brandeis University)
[Volume 2, Issue 1] (2001) pp. 1-11
A Minimum Description Length Approach for Selecting among Qualitative Models of Cognition
In Jae Myung and Mark A. Pitt (Department of Psychology, Ohio State University)
[Volume 2, Issue 1] (2001) pp. 13-22
Perception, Knowledge and Young Korean Children's Word-Learning
Kwonsaeng Park (Department of Psychology, Keimyung University)
[Volume 2, Issue 1] (2001) pp. 23-31
Frequency and Fusion in Language Processing
Liang Tao1 and Alice F. Healy2 1Ohio University 2University of Colorado, Boulder
[Volume 2, Issue 1] (2001) pp. 33-44
Interference of Accent System Variation with the Acquisition of Compound Accent Rule: A Cross-dialectal Study
Ayako Shirose1, Kazuhiko Kakehi2 and Shigeru Kiritani3 1JSPS/Department of Human Informatics, Nagoya University 2Department of Human Informatics, Nagoya University/ CIAIR 3The Literature Department, Kobe Kaisei Colleg
[Volume 2, Issue 1] (2001) pp. 45-58
Phonetic Language Transfer from Japanese to English in Initial Language Development
Peter John Wanner (Nagoya University)
[Volume 2, Issue 1] (2001) pp. 59-79
Toward Expressing Generative Lexicon Using GraphXML
Jong-Ho Lea (Seoul National University)
[Volume 1, Issue 1-2] (2000) pp. 0-0
Chungmin Lee (Seoul National University)
[Volume 1, Issue 1-2] (2000) pp. 1-19
Philisophical Reflections on the Status of Cognitive Science
Jaegwon Kim (Brown University)
[Volume 1, Issue 1-2] (2000) pp. 21-38
Topic, Contrastive Topic and Focus: What's on Our Minds
Chungmin Lee (Seoul National University)
[Volume 1, Issue 1-2] (2000) pp. 39-53
Similarity Interference, and Scrambling in Japanese
Mineharu Nakayama and Richard L. Lewis (The Ohio State University)
[Volume 1, Issue 1-2] (2000) pp. 55-66
The Gypsy Laywer 30 Years Later
Kihyeon Kim (Seoul National University)
[Volume 1, Issue 1-2] (2000) pp. 67-78
Why did Hamlet Delay His Revenge? Finding Answers to Such Questions by Computer Simulations
Song-Yee Yoon (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
[Volume 1, Issue 1-2] (2000) pp. 79-97
The Use of Event-Related Potentials in the Study of Cognitive Functions
Jun Soo Kwon (Seoul National University)
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