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Journal of Cognitive Science
Total 8
[Volume 10, Issie 2] (2009) pp. 245-278
Comprehension of communicative intentions: The case of figurative language
Francesca M. Bosco(University of Turin, Neuroscience Institute of Turin), Marianna Vallana(University of Turin), and Monica Bucciarelli(University of Turin)
[Volume 10, Issie 2] (2009) pp. 227-244
Numeral Classifiers and Nominal Functional Projections in Korean
So-Young Park(Seoul National University)
[Volume 10, Issie 2] (2009) pp. 209-226
Chinese Classifiers and Count Nouns
Byeong-Uk Yi(University of Toronto)
[Volume 10, Issie 2] (2009) pp. 195-208
Conventional Implicature and Classifiers
Eric McCready(Aoyama Gakuin University)
[Volume 10, Issie 2] (2009) pp. 172-194
Japanese Mo: Universal, Additive, and NPI
Mana Kobuchi-Philip(UiL-OTS, Utrecht University)
[Volume 10, Issie 2] (2009) pp. 149-172
Number marking in Colloquial Singapore English
Chonghyuck Kim(National University of Singapore), Qizhong Chang(University of Southern California), and Leslie Lee(University of California)
[Volume 10, Issie 2] (2009) pp. 135-148
Syntactic Cues to Individuation in Mandarin Chinese
Pierina Cheung(University of Waterloo), David Barner(University of California, San Diego), and Peggy Li(Harvard University)
[Volume 10, Issie 2] (2009) pp. 113-134
Quantification support with indeterminate pronouns
Alastair Butler (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science and Tohoku University)
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