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[Invited Talks] 2015-10-15 2:00 pm
Optimal experimental design in cognitive Science / Jay Myung, 서울대학교 302동 308호
[Invited Talks] 2015-03-21 01:00 pm ~ 17:35 pm
[세계 뇌 주간 행사] 뇌 : 내마음안의 우주 / 서울대학교 문화관 중강당
[Invited Talks] 2012-07-27 03:00 pm - 05:00pm
Experimental Philosophy and the Bankruptcy of the Great Tradition / Stephen Stich 교수 (Rutgers University, USA), 인문대 신양관 302호 국제회의실
[Invited Talks] 2010-12-03 04:00 pm
Corpus Calculus: A New View on the Form and Role of Formal Grammars / Prof. Dr. Franz Guenthner (뮌헨대학교 CIS), 신양인문학술정보관 309호
[Invited Talks] 2010-08-17
How reward biases perception and action / Prof. Dr. Daeyeol Lee(Associate Professor of Neurobiology and of Psychology, Yale University), 신양인문학술정보관 302호
[Invited Talks] 2010-07-23
Spoken Language Dialogue Systems for Ambient Intelligence / Prof. Dr.Wolfgang Minker(Institute for Information Technology , University of Ulm), 신양인문학술정보관 309호
[Invited Talks] 2010-06-28
Virtual Humans with Affective Minds / Prof. Ipke Wachsmuth (Bielefeld University), 신양인문학술정보관 309호
[Invited Talks] 2010-06-21
Getting in the Way: Sign language processing under adverse conditions / Dr. Susan D. Fischer (Univ. of California, San Diego), 신양인문학술정보관 302호
[Invited Talks] 2004-11-17
Grammar, Geometry, and Brain / Erik Fenstad 교수(Oslo대)
[Invited Talks] 2004-07-22
Global and Local Implicatures: Do we need both? / Uli Saueland 교수(Centre for General Linguistics)
[Invited Talks] 2004-07-21
The Syntax, semantics, and Pragmatics of Agreement / Uli Saueland 교수(Centre for General Linguistics)
[Invited Talks] 2004-05-31
New Perspective on Cognitive Science / Michael Turvey 교수(Connecticut대)
[Invited Talks] 2003-06-27
Bare Plurals: Ambiguous or Not? / Measure Expressions and M-Implicature / Manfred Krifka 교수(Humboldt 대 언어학과)
[Invited Talks] 2003-05-21
On Prominence, Contrast, and 'Main News' / Jorunn Hetmand 교수(NTNU 언어학과)
[Invited Talks] 2003-05-20
Combining B?ring's D-Tree, looking for Beans and B-Accents / Jorunn Hetmand 교수(NTNU 언어학과)
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