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Journal of Cognitive Science
Journal of Cognitive Science is an official journal of the International Association for Cognitive Science (IACS, and published biannually by the Institute for Cognitive Science at Seoul National University, located in Seoul, Korea. The Association currently consists of member societies of different countries such as Australia, China, Japan, Korea, and European Union. However, paper submission by anyone in the whole world is welcome at any time. Its main concern is to showcase research articles of highest quality and significance within the disciplines of cognitive science, including, but not limited to, philosophy, psychology, linguistics, artificial intelligence, neuroscience, aesthetics, anthropology, and education, insofar as it is deemed to be of interest to those who pursue the study of mind. In particular, we would like to encourage submissions that cross the traditional disciplinary boundaries.

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Issues & Articles
  1. Introduction: Reading Development and Reading Disorders in Asian Languages / Greg B. Simpson(University of Kansas), 1-5
  2. Spelling Development in Thai Children / Heather Winskel(University of Western Sydney), 7-35
  3. Understanding Chinese Dyslexia / Wen Xiao and Him Cheung(The Chinese University of Hong Kong), 37-56
  4. Transfer of Phonological and Morphological Awareness to Reading in English and Logographic Hanja among Korean Children / Jeung-Ryeul Cho and Jee-Young Lee(Kyungnam University), 57-78
  5. The Effects of Properties of the Radicals in Radical Migration Phenomena / H. Saito(Nagoya University), G.B. Flores d'Arcais(University of Padova), M. Kawakami(Osaka Shoin Women's University), and H. Masuda(Hiroshima Shudo University), 79-127
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