A Pilot Investigation of Individual Differences in Handedness in Subjective Experience of Forgetfulness: The Cognitive Failures

Volume 20
Issue 3
Ruth E. Propper, Alexis Grant, Ryan King, Stephen D. Christman
Individual differences in handedness in episodic memory have been demonstrated across a wide variety of stimuli and protocols, with inconsistent-handers (ICH) having superior memory relative to consistent-right-handers (CRH). The current study looks at the question of whether ICH also report better subjective memory. Prior work shows that objective and subjective memory performance are generally unrelated, but the current study found that ICH indeed report better subjective memory, as measured by the Cognitive Failures Questionnaire. Given evidence for associations between personality factors and subjective memory, the current study also looked at the Behavioral Inhibition Scale (BIS) and found (i) no handedness differences on the BIS, but (ii) a negative association between neuroticism and cognitive failures in CRH.

Keywords: Memory, Handedness, Cognitive Failures Questionnaire, Behavioral Inhibition