Home, Pause, or Break: A Critique of Chalmers on Implementation

Volume 12
Issue 4
Brandon N. Towl
David Chalmers’s theory of implementation proposes an implementation/ computations relation that supports the theses of computational suf ficiency and computational explanation. These theses face some well known challenges, and so one should expect that a full theory of implementation to meet these challenges. In this critique, I show that Chalmers’s theory is silent on some of the important metaphysical details need for such a full account. I then turn to sketching out some of the possible moves and countermoves to be made in providing such details. The intent here is not to refute Chalmers’s theory, but rather to show where much of the hard philosophical works still needs to be done.

Key words: computation, implementation, isomorphism, computational sufficiency, computational explanation, metaphysic of computation