Book Reviews: Conflicts in Interpretation

Volume 13
Issue 2
Michael Franke & Maria Aloni
This squib gives a critical review of the monograph entitled Conflicts in Interpretation (Hendriks et al., 2010) written by Petra Hendriks, Helen de Hoop, Irene Krämer, Henriette de Swart and Joost Zwarts, which was published in 2010 by Equinox Publishing, London. After sketching the relevant background of optimality theoretic approaches to semantics and pragmatics, we give a detailed summary of the contents of this book, discuss its merits and mention a few critical issues that, we feel, future research in this tradition may wish to address more carefully.

Key words: optimality theory, cognitive models of natural language interpretation, semantics-pragmatics interface, language acquisition, language change, typology