Challenges for Artificial Cognitive Systems

Volume 13
Issue 4
Antoni Gomila & Vincent C Müller
The declared goal of this paper is to fill this gap: “… cognitive systems research needs questions or challenges that define progress. The challenges are not (yet more) predictions of the future, but a guideline to what are the aims and what would constitute progress.” – the quotation being from the project description of EUCogII, the project for the European Network for Cognitive Systems within which this formulation of the ‘challenges’ was originally developed ( So, we stick out our neck and formulate the challenges for artificial cognitive systems. These challenges are articulated in terms of a definition of what a cognitive system is: a system that learns from experience and uses its acquired knowledge (both declarative and practical) in a flexible manner to achieve its own goals.

Key words: artificial intelligence, autonomy, challenge, cognitive system, flexibility, learning, knowledge