Editorial Note for the Special Issue (I and II)

Volume 14
Issue 2
Liza Skidelsky & Gualtiero Piccinini
The papers included in this issue (I and II) were presented at the III Workshop on Philosophy and Cognitive Science held in Buenos Aires in November 2012. Based on the idea that empirical research illuminates philosophical problems of the mind while philosophical reflection contributes to the development of theories in cognitive science, this workshop aims to create a biennial forum to discuss the problems that lie at the intersection of philosophy and cognitive science. Computationalism, mechanism and psychological explanation were some of the topics discussed at this workshop. The papers included in this special issue address these topics with the goal of informing the ongoing debate in philosophy of science – particularly in the philosophy of neuroscience and cognitive science – between the advocates of mechanistic explanations and those who adhere to functional explanations of cognitive capacities.