The Neuro-Symbolic Code of Perception

Volume 11
Issue 2
Rosemarie Velik
Perceptual research has so far been tackled on two different levels: the neural and the cognitive (symbolic) level. These two levels have so far mainly been investigated separately from each other and little is known about their correlations. Here, we present a coding scheme (neuro-symbolic coding) and a cognitive architecture (a neuro-symbolic network), which make it possible to unify these two levels. Based on this, hypotheses are presented for how the activation of millions of sensory receptors results in a unified, complex, multimodal perception, what the function of feedbacks in perception is, what influence focus of attention and knowledge have, and how binding is solved in perception. Furthermore, a hypothesis for the mechanisms involved in perceptual learning is proposed.

Keywords: perception model, neuro-symbolic network, knowledge, focus of attention, multimodal perception, binding problem, learning