A Proposal for Building the Knowledge Base of Onomasiological Dictionaries

Volume 12
Issue 3
Gerardo Sierra & Laura Hernández
In this paper we present a methodology for creating and populating a lexical knowledge base (LKB) to be used in an onomasiological dictionary. The purpose of this methodology is to automatize the creation of specialized onomasiological dictionaries, which help to solve the “tip of the tongue” problem and assist authors in the active linguistic state (encoding). This article includes information about the main architecture of the LKB as well as our proposed dictionary. The methodology presented in this article allows the LKB to be populated with a wide variety of definitions from both colloquial and normative sources in such a way that by employing this LKB these specialized onomasiological dictionaries are able to handle users’ queries in natural languages.

Key words: onomasiology, dictionary, lexical knowledge base, computational linguistics, natural language processing