Data-driven Modeling and Service based on Big Data Analytics and Perception Process

Volume 18
Issue 2
Wooyung Lee,Eunji Jang,&Joon Lee
In this paper, we propose a data-driven service and model which trades the data products generated by the big data analytics and perception process. Existing global data brokers have traded the data products in categorized and listed. Data has been traditionally managed in closed form or limited to speci c industries and eco-systems. However, we are faced on the fourth Industrial Revolution, where diverse data is based on utilization, data is becoming a core competence for change and the future. Finding the value in Big Data has been generalized and responded to the change. Also, there is a great demand for revitalization of data processing and utilization of data for industrial application. To support these requirements, the data must be traded in a way that can be easily utilized according to the data analytics and perception process. This is a key technology in the data broker industry, which will enhance data-driven industries.