A Brief Review of Studies of Out-of-Body Experiences in both the Healthy and Pathological Populations

Volume 19
Issue 4
Julia Sellers
This paper presents a brief overview of some of the out-of-body experiences (OBEs) studied in both the healthy and pathological populations, as well as experiences of paranormal phenomena, with features common to OBEs, in the healthy population. Since spontaneous OBEs in the healthy population are rare, there is a lack of studies describing possible psychological, as well as physiological, mechanisms driving this type of OBE. Consequently, most OBE research available today describes the semiology, phenomenology, etiology, as well as the neurocognitive features of OBEs within the pathological population, as opposed to the healthy population. Below we present an overview of some of the research aimed at identifying OBEs occurring in both healthy as well as pathological individuals.

Keywords: out-of-body experience, temporal parietal junction, brain waves, consciousness, paranormal.