Code Mixing in Talk Show Program on Radio between Indonesian and English

Volume 20
Issue 4
Tien Rafida
This study aims to describe the code mixing events in the language used by the broadcasters and the guest stars in a talk show program at 106.6 FM of V Radio and describes the contributing factors of code mixing in the language used by the broadcasters and the guest stars in the talk show program in 106.6 FM of V Radio. The design of this research is a descriptive qualitative. This research data is sourced from 106.6 FM of V Radio station. This research data is in the form of broadcasters and guest speakers that contains mixing elements of English into the structure of the Indonesian language. The data collection method used in this research is the method of listening not participating. The results showed that the mixing code that occurs during the talk show program is the code mixing that is the insertion of elements of English into the Indonesian language. The code mixings found are in the form of words, phrases, and clauses. The causal factors that cause the code mixings are the factors of (1) habit, (2) informal situation and topic of conversation, and (3) background of the speaker and the language.Some code mixings in the dialogue using Indonesia and English language found in conversation between Guest and Broadcaster are: booming, memorable, virgin, view, listener, next time, wish, etc.
Keywords: code mixing, talk show program, language, Radio 106.6 FM Meda, Indonesia