Coherent Energy Transfer and the Potential Implications for Consciousness

Volume 19
Issue 2
J. Tory Toole, P. Kurian, T. J. A. Craddock
The argument that biological systems are too “warm and wet” to support
quantum effects is becoming increasingly antiquated as research in the field of
quantum biology progresses. In fact, not only is it becoming apparent that
quantum processes may regularly take place in biological systems, but these
processes may underlie the mechanisms of consciousness and propel our models
of conceptualizing the human brain into the next era of scientific understanding.
The phenomena of consciousness have allured scientists and philosophers for
thousands of years, while a precise technical understanding has remained elusive.
If possible, developing this understanding will likely be one of humanity’s
greatest achievements. Knowing the fundamental processes that create conscious
experience has far-reaching implications, from the potential birth of true artificial
intelligence to a better understanding of mental health disorder etiologies and
treatments. One major challenge in the mental health professions, and, ultimately,
in empathy of any kind, is being able to see from and appreciate another person’s
unique, subjective experience. Discoveries in the field of consciousness could
help bridge this gap.

Keywords: Consciousness; Coherent energy transfer; Quantum biology