Words in Books, Computers and the Human Mind (Introduction for Vol. 16-4)

Volume 16
Issue 4
Michael Zock
(No Abtract)

1st paragraph:

People love to communicate. They like not only to inform others about their dreams, interests and goals, but also to learn from them about their feelings and thoughts. We all like to tell stories and to listen to other peoples’ jokes. Obviously, none of this is possible it we could not rely on a shared stock of words (lexicon) and an agreed method (set of rules, grammar) for combining them. Hence, words are important, but so are grammar and rules for creating and shaping words (morphology). Words are to language what bricks are to houses. They are neither the house, nor the method for building it, they are only the building blocks. Still, to build our castle we need both, the bricks and the method.