Reconsideration of Event Structure in the Generative Lexicon: Event-Related Lexical Inferences

Volume 15
Issue 3
Seohyun Im
This paper proposes the addition of inferential relations – presupposition and entailment – between an event and its subevents to event structure in the Generative Lexicon (Pustejovsky, 1995). The inferential relations reflect the lexical semantic properties of verbs. For example, the verb kill is related semantically with die by an inferential relation based on the event structure of the verb kill. That is, kill lexically entails die since the latter denotes a caused subevent in the event structure of the former. In this paper, I present various types of lexical inferences of verbs to support the proposal and suggest a modified event structure.

Key words: event structure, lexical inference, lexical presupposition, lexical