A Multidimensional Interdisciplinary Framework for Linguistics: The Lexicon as a Case Study

Volume 15
Issue 4
Cedric Boeckx & Constantina Theofanopoulou
This paper contrasts the standard modular, uni-dimensional approach of linguistic studies with a more interdisciplinary, multi-dimensional approach, and claims that the latter has a better chance of fulfilling the cognitive objectives of the field. We sketch a research program that is intended to link the levels of the genome, connectome, dynome, cognome, and phenome, and illustrate some of the consequences of this approach by focusing on the nature of the lexicon. The shift of perspective advocated here casts doubt on the sort of primitives routinely entertained in generative circles, and favors approaches of the sort advocated among cognitive linguists. Our discussion also makes clear the need to view the linguistic enterprise as firmly rooted in our knowledge of the brain and its operations (specifically oscillations).

Key words: lexicon, variation, parameter, genome, dynome, connectome, cognome, phenome