A Longitudinal Case Study on A Chinese Returnee’s L2-attrition in the Aspect of Oral Fluency

Volume 15
Issue 4
Ying Li
This study investigated an L1-Mandarin returnee’s attritional performance in the aspect oral fluency in L2-English speaking. The participant went to Ottawa when she was 2 years old, and stayed there till she was 5 years old. A 12-month longitudinal study was carried out to examine her oral fluency of L2-English speaking. The results suggest that the participant suffered from significant attrition in oral fluency at the end of the 3 rd month since she left Ottawa. Further attrition was observed with the increase of time that she returned to China. However, at the 6 th month, after staying in Canada for a 20-day summer camp, the participant’s oral fluency displayed some improvement. After that, however, the participant’s oral fluency was observed to suffer from more severe attrition. The duration of time that she returned to China correlated significantly and negatively with her proficiency level of oral fluency.

Key words: L2 attrition, oral fluency