Number Year Volume Issue Pages Title Authors
119 2011 Volume 12 Issue 4 419-433
Home, Pause, or Break: A Critique of Chalmers on Implementation
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Brandon N. Towl
118 2011 Volume 12 Issue 4 401-417
Chalmers on Implementation and Computational Sufficiency
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J. Brendan Ritchie
117 2011 Volume 12 Issue 4 381-399
Defending the Semantic Conception of Computation in Cognitive Science
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Gerard O’Brien
116 2011 Volume 12 Issue 4 359-379
Beyond Formal Structure: A Mechanistic Perspective on Computation and Implementation
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Marcin Miłkowski
115 2011 Volume 12 Issue 4 323-357
A Computational Foundation for the Study of Cognition
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David J. Chalmers
114 2011 Volume 12 Issue 3 297-322
Language Acquisition as the Detection, Memorization, and Reproduction of Statistical Regularities in Perceived Language
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Reinhard Rapp
113 2011 Volume 12 Issue 3 277-296
Automatic Recognition of Emotion based on a Cognitively Motivated Emotion Annotation System
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Ying Chen, Sophia Yat Mei Lee, & Chu-Ren Huang
112 2011 Volume 12 Issue 3 259-276
An Associative Concept Dictionary for Natural Language Processing: Text Summarization and Word Sense Disambiguation
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Jun Okamoto & Shun Ishizaki
111 2011 Volume 12 Issue 3 233-258
Storage does not Guarantee Access: The Problem of Organizing and Accessing Words in a Speaker's Lexicon
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Michael Zock & Didier Schwab
110 2011 Volume 12 Issue 3 215-232
A Proposal for Building the Knowledge Base of Onomasiological Dictionaries
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Gerardo Sierra & Laura Hernández
109 2011 Volume 12 Issue 3 211-213
Introduction to this special issue on Cognitive Aspects of Natural Language Processing
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Michael Zock & Reinhard Rapp
108 2011 Volume 12 Issue 2 195-210
Neural Substrates Associated with Weather-Induced Mood Variability: An Exploratory Study Using ASL Perfusion fMRI
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Seth J. Gillihan, John A. Detre, Martha J. Farah, & Hengyi Rao
107 2011 Volume 12 Issue 2 171-193
Effects of Aging on Temporal Lobe Blood Flow with Structural Correction in Healthy Older Adults
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Siyuan Hu, Hengyi Rao, Lauren Mancuso, Senhua Zhu, John A. Detre, & David A. Wolk
106 2011 Volume 12 Issue 2 151-170
Relationships between Cerebral Blood Flow and IQ in Typically Developing Children and Adolescents
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Emily Kilroy, Collin Y. Liu, Lirong Yan, Yoon Chun Kim, Mirella Dapretto, Mario F. Mendez, & Danny J. J. Wang
105 2011 Volume 12 Issue 2 129-149
Quantification of Load Dependent Brain Activity in Parametric N-Back Working Memory Tasks using Pseudo-continuous Arterial Spin
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Qihong Zou, Hong Gu, Danny J. J. Wang, Jia-Hong Gao, & Yihong Yang