Verbal Repetition and Its Insights on Neurolinguistic Studies: Bridging the Gap between Sound and Speech

Volume 14
Issue 2
Sejin Yoo
As a window to tap into the human mind, language is a powerful tool, but simultaneously the complexity of language often makes it difficult to grasp how the mind works. It becomes more severe in case of verbal language (or speech), where information is dynamically transferred between speaker and listener via relevant transferring medium, i.e. sound waves. In this research report, to overcome the difficulty, we suggest verbal repetition as a simple but promising task capable of revealing how sound becomes speech in the brain. With this, here we briefly reviewed (1) speech representation in the brain; (2) auditory-motor interface and sensorimotor integration; and (3) associative learning and episodic buffer. As described, verbal repetition is effective in tapping into online speech. 

Key words: verbal repetition, fMRI, fNIRS, speech representation, auditorymotor interface, sound learning